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Rustic Industrial touch with Bouclair

Updated: Oct 16, 2018

The first official design related post, air five! I started off with Bouclair as they have so many on trend looks and all at a reasonable price point. One other bonus, they are CANADIAN!

Rustic industrial decor from Bouclair to create a Modern Farmhouse. Cozy pillows, Highland Cattle Canvas, and more at or @lovinglygraydesign
Rustic Industrial Decor from Bouclair to create a Modern Farmhouse

Let's Start From The Top!

  1. Solid Pine Wood and Metal Bar Stool. Absolutely loving the edgy industrial feel this stool brings. Not only is it adjustable, yes not just pretty functional for us vertically challenged folks! The solid wood seat adds warm and a rustic vibe.

  2. Metal Cage Ceiling Lamp. I won't lie I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to lighting, hubby hates taking me anywhere that sells them his "hunny do list" grows! I chose this little guy as he is a flush mount and with limited ceiling heights you can still add an industrial touch for very minimal cost and labour. *Appraisal in me says custom lighting upgrade*

  3. Pine Wood Veneer and Metal Buffet. START THE CAR!! Flash back to that sweet Ikea commercial, this beauty is on a massive sale! This is such a versatile piece as you could use it anywhere. I love to have "recyclable" pieces scattered throughout the house as needs change and sometimes budget won't allow for this. I could go on and on about the perforated metal details but for the price this is a nice way to try on an rustic industrial style without breaking the bank.

  4. Metal Mesh Ceiling Lamp. Here again I think of the impact these can make for a very minimal cost. While builder grade seems like the most cost effective little touches like this (at barely over the base grade cost) can really help resale as it helps you standout.

  5. Barn Door Look Mirror. Loving this for anyone who can't add in an actual slider, or afraid to commit. Get the look without the commitment. DIY in me thinks I would add this to an actual slider for an inexpensive mirrored sliding door.

  6. Wolf Faux Fur Decorative Lumbar Pillow. I have had multiple versions of this pillow and even bean bag chairs for the boys over the years. Provided you don't throw them in the dryer they clean up easily and hold up well. Soft timeless touch that can be added to almost any room.

  7. Lamb Knitted Decorative Pillow. Chunky knits always have me swooning. Adds a cozy feel with the knit but the zigzag weave gives it an updated feel.

  8. Hare Faux Fur Decorative Pillow.

  9. Set of 2 Wood Side Tables with Metal Legs. Loved that this was a space saving piece, can be used together or separately. The metal legs add an industrial touch without being too bulky.

  10. Metal Jar with Typography. I love when I can dress up storage, this is bilingual (Canadian Perk) so you could get two of the same without looking matchy matchy. Adds a bit of a masculine touch to any space.

  11. Solid Elm Wood and Metal Bench. I absolutely love the vintage vibe this piece is bringing. I can picture it in so many different spaces. Would look screaming cute with a few throw pillows in an entry way, at the kitchen table, or a boot room. The list goes on.

  12. Four Tiered Wall Ladder Shelf.

  13. Black Chalkboard with Clips. Adding function to multiple spaces yet still an attractive piece. Add it to the key drop area, kids play room or office.

  14. Zest Wool Rug. Sadly they no longer carry this particular rug but have replaced it with a nice alternative.

  15. Highland Cow Printed Canvas. Last but not least, I have a soft spot for highlands so I am a bit partial. That aside it adds a bit of character and rustic charm to any room. Who wouldn't want to be friends with that face.

This entire cart was $2,314.80 with tax, what I love is if you watch they offer flash sales. Just recently over Labour Day long weekend they had a 20% off everything flash sale. Worth watching for if you aren't in a rush.

Happy Shopping!

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