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Rustic Modern Christmas Tree Inspo

The tree came out this past weekend which means I am now "allowed" to start quoting Christmas movies! I have been told in the past (by some Scrooge-like folks) that I may start this a touch early, when you get snow in September I feel it is my duty to look for a bright side tho, so once the tree is standing I don't hold back.

Some say its cheating, others say it's brilliant but I must admit the tree stays set up in storage year round. Flat spots frustrate me and I kinda feel like the Grinch mashing it up and packing it away. As we rustled it up the stairs this year I may have blurted out one of my favorite Christmas Vacation throw backs as we squeezed my perfectly fluffed tree through the five foot opening at the top of the stairs "Looks great! Little full, lotta sap" thank you Clark for having the most appropriate Christmas based quotes whenever I need them.

When I dream of a Rustic Modern Christmas tree a few things come to mind, natural elements, soft colour pallet and lots of texture. Everything from pines cones to fur balls!

Added galvanized clip on letters for all family members.

Added galvanized clip on letters for all family members.

Christmas music scattered around the grapevine garland.

Christmas music scattered around the grapevine garland.

Pocket watches with the birth times of our boys.

Galvanized ornaments in all shapes and sizes.

Feather wreath ornaments to add a bit of texture.

Brown paper packages tied up with string..... well because these are a few of my favorite things! Gift tags (made by me) are a free gift in the link below.

Is it the most traditional tree.... no but I do feel like it holds a place as a timeless classic concept.

Grapevine Wreath - I wanted to add different textures and loved the idea of adding something so natural to the tree. Literally cut off the ties and it wraps around seamlessly!

Reindeer Moss - I liked the idea of adding depth with different green tones and it seemed fitting to add the moss! If you have left overs check out this lovely Moss Bowl DIY!

Music Sheet Pages - I purchased mine in a variety pack at Micheal's a few years ago but found a freebie printable if you want to save a few dollars! I used a similar printable to make the moss cones, super simple to create!

Gold Printed Stars/Trees - Found these beauties at Canadian Tire, the boys loved them and they added that little touch of glamour I feel like every tree needs.

Tree Skirt - We had made a wood box but this year my Hubby decided he wanted something different so I opted for a throw blanket from Ikea! Cheap, reusable and if Hubby decides to put his design sense in again and switch it it's super cozy!

Wood Antlers - These actually come as a two pack but preferred the look of them solo.

Gift Tags - Freebie Printable from me to you!

I did DIY a lot of this tree, I like to be able to add a bit of my own personality to things but I understand you may be busy or have no interest in doing that. I put together a few items to help inspire you if you are wanting to create your own Natural Rustic Modern Christmas Tree.

Wire Stag | Feather Wreath | Feather Fluff Ball | Spike Ball | Moss Ball with String |

Rustic Keys | Galvanized Reindeer | Wood Bark NOEL - I would just place these solo letter style vertically on angle down the tree to spell out NOEL.

Faux Fur Tree Skirt | Wood Round Star | Sparkle Wood Tree Star | Glitter Wood Tree

Wood Antlers |Grapevine Garland - Who knew! Obviously not me....

And well if you left the tree this long you may as well just go with a natural theme so it can be justified to keep this baby up for a while! Anybody leave the tree to the last minute?

Happy Holidays :)

P.S - If you try the gift tags and you feel like sharing make sure to tag me in the post! @lovinglygraydesign over on Instagram!



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