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Rustic Modern Christmas: Restoration Hardware Inspired DIY

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

'Tis the season to be.... DIY'ing Fa la la la la la la laaaaa! I won't hide the fact that I am a bit of a frugal Fran, annoyingly so I have to admit. Shopping just turns into a day of tire kicking and a giant Hunny-do/DIY list. I have been busy putting together a few Christmas hack/DIY projects for my fellow frugal pals so stay tuned. Today though I will tackle that uber pricey (yet stunning) mossy lit twig vase I shared in Create a Rustic Modern Christmas (Click here.)

When I first saw this in the RH Holiday Catalogue last year I was a smitten kitten! Truly simplistic, and falls perfectly into my Winter decor basics. Here comes that annoying Fran trait.... "I can build that for wayyyy less!". I mean it's just moss in a vase with lit twigs right!? In the words of a Mr. Barney Stinson "Challenge Accepted!". With an actual retail price of $89.00, I would have been no where near a perfect bid! If DIY wasn't something I wanted to tackle I could snag this beauty for $75.00 on sale or purchase a membership ($125/yr) and get it for $60.00. The thought crossed my mind.... but my purse strings remained tight!

Previously when sourcing items the vase was the kicker, to have something thick enough was pricey! I found a few comparable options but ultimately the price and quality was bang on at of all places Ikea. For only $10.00 this baby seemed like a steal.... I mean "START THE CAR!".

This is a fairly large vase, and to fill it all with moss seemed like a disaster waiting to happen, it would have been too light.

I wanted to create layers and add some weight so I opted for coffee to act as my filler. I was able to use some leftovers from the pantry (Folgers Vanilla Biscotti) and picked up whatever was on sale that day. The smell was an added bonus!

The moss I used was a mix from leftovers from my Christmas tree, oddly enough it's called Reindeer Moss and a bundle I grabbed from my local Florist, similar to this and this.

While I was at Ikea I was able to grab the lights I needed as well ($6.99). I ended up using two strands,

Lastly the branches, I found a bundle of 5 at Bouclair for $14.99. Truly I would have collected my own but it's hunting season here I opted not to go rummaging through the woods. I chose to use 2/5 branches for fullness.

Now time to assemble.

Step 1.) Add a base layer of coffee. I did mine roughly 2"- 4"thick.

Step 2.) Size branches. I cut mine so total height was 48" (Same height as the RH version)

Step 3.) Tie branches together. I started with wire, but ended up using a rubber band as the wire did't allow much flex for placing branches. Keep in mind how high you want the fill to be and make sure to place wire/elastic band low enough on the branches.

Step4.) Wrap the lights. Start at the top and work your way down. I tried to stick to main branches so I could keep things looking neat. **TIP: Unwind the entire string and rewind it around the battery pack, much like a reel. **

Step 5.) Place battery pack. I opted to use toilet paper rolls to house the excess lights and battery pack for easy access. These lights have a 6 hr timer so I set and forget.

Step 6.) Fill in with moss. I shredded the Reindeer moss a bit as I didn't have tons of it and wanted layers of colour. The majority was the Spanish moss mixture.

Pre flocked closeup on the layers moss and coffee.

Pre Flocked Moss Vase

Step 7.) Decide if you want to flock. I was unsure if I wanted to dress the branches or not. Ultimately I decided to match it to a few RH trees I had purchased previously.

Flocked and placed in with previously purchased Restoration Hardware trees.

All in my version cost $39.00 and that's with splurging on the branches and allows me to have a glass vase to use year round. Win Win!

I added this DIY project to my Instagram story and archived it. So if you are wanting a few tips and a behind the scene look head over to @lovinglygraydesign and check out the profile.

If you decide to attempt this DIY make sure to tag me! Sharing is caring after all and would love to see how yours turned out and feature them. #lovinglygraydesign @lovinglygraydesign

Happy Holidays!



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