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MODERN FARMHOUSE Must Have: Reclaimed Wood

Sun is shining, snow is gone, so fingers crossed we can continue Harvest '18 in a few days and say good-bye to this crazy weather. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed a few reclaimed wood pieces.... slightly obsessed!

When we started building 5 years ago (OMG that long) I was dying to have a moody, rustic-industrial, almost cigar lounge/upscale man cave kinda feel. Everything from tufted cognac leather, industrial lighting, reclaimed wood, everything but the smoke basically. Might have been watching a bit too much Mad Men, and well first trimester baby brain.

I migrated from my tomboyish mindset eventually and settled on a slightly less masculine, in your face version. Obviously one thing that stayed consistent was my love of reclaimed wood. At the time this was nearly impossible for me to find in our area so thankfully in comes ETSY and a glorious little shop by the name of Keeriah. They are a family owned company based out of Indiana's Amish Country. I wasn't totally sure what I wanted when I first contacted them, only that I was looking for big, reclaimed wood pieces. Carol was more than willing to help read through my muddy thoughts and help my dreams come to life. The customer service surpassed expectation, she even sent extra goodies as shipping was delayed slightly.

I ended up getting her to create a makeup vanity cabinet (shown above & below) as well as a media cabinet, three bathroom vanities, coffee table and laundry cabinet. I went crazy I know but how can you not when our dollar was better than par!? Everything from the renderings, to the way things came shipped was top notch. Legit the crate they created for shipping was a masterpiece in itself. Truly 5 stars!

Reclaimed Wood Makeup Vanity Cabinet

Flash forward 5 years and I can honestly say these pieces have held up better than I could have imagined. They have been moved around, climbed on, drawn on, yogurt painted, soaked in bath water, and even have seen a good tooth brushing. Yes I live in a zoo. While I can't say they are bullet proof, they are toddler proof! Worth the investment. On that note, the ex-appraiser roots showing, custom built-ins! All these little built-ins (not just any cabinet sorry) help bump you up into a higher quality class of home which helps your bottom line. Winning!

Since I will take any excuse to highlight gorgeous wood pieces, I have included a bunch of work from Keeriah in case you are looking for some inspo.

Rustic Industrial Dog Kennel

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Pre Hung Closet Door.

Rustic Industrial Wood and Steel Chandelier

Round Top Reclaimed Wood Stool

Rustic Industrial Steel Chandelier

Square Top Reclaimed Wood Bar Stool

Look familiar?? The teaser we got before they shipped this beauty to our door.

Reclaimed Wood and Steel Vent Hood

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity and Laundry Cabinet converted into storage for a modern farmhouse foyer.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom: Reclaimed Wood Vanity

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