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Love 'em or Leave 'em: Copper Sinks

Updated: Sep 24, 2018

It's the first day of fall and let me tell you it might as well be the first day of winter. If we weren't supposed to be in the combines right now I might be excited about the snow... "might" being the key word. Watching the snow fly has me reminiscing about a family trip we took to Copper Point Resort in Invermere, BC. This resort and spa had so many wonderful amenities but what sold me was it was aesthetically pleasing. A metal head like myself was captivated by the touches of copper seamlessly blended into the rustic decor adding a kiss of luxury.

That is the exact reason we loved the idea of a copper sink! After seeing copper sinks in almost every show home we went to the year we built, hubby was sold on the idea. Without a second thought, or much research, I ordered a hammered copper farmhouse sink, much like this guy. **Note: Picture below is NOT the sink we have, this is a better quality version available here.**

To be clear - I love the look of oxidized copper, the rich blends of orange and brown that a natural patina brings has me drooling. You can imagine how crushed I was when a shiny new penny coloured sink was delivered. While stunning it wasn't quite what I had in mind. One thing to mentally prepare for if you too share my love of aged metal. Over time it did exactly what a living metal is supposed to do, age and patina! Crisis averted. What I didn't realize or even think of was how food would affect the finish. Ketchup, salad dressing, anything vinegar based really, will start to cleanup the oxidization and you will have a speckled sink. Again, not what I signed up for - maybe I should have done my homework. Thankfully this won't last long but it is still a factor to consider. Green spots are another little treat that can show up now and again and can be easily removed. Overall, for the look I was after, this purchase was a win.

That being said, from a cleanliness standpoint, it doesn't ever get a look Mr. Clean would be proud of. The natural patina, while gorgeous, doesn't scream clean, something to consider if that isn't a look you will be happy with. Thankfully it is antimicrobial.

Another point to consider - not all copper is made equally. High quality copper can offer lifetime warranty, low maintenance and is less likely to breakdown over time. Imported copper is easier on the bottom line as it is made of recycled copper and coated so it's more likely to breakdown faster and be higher maintenance. These are widely available so buyer beware.

Gorgeous High Quality Copper Sink from Havens Metal Works. Considering a copper sink check out Love'em or Leave'em
Gorgeous Copper Sink via

All things I was NOT aware of. Ultimately I love the look of the copper sink I purchased, even with the negatives of being a lower grade copper. Would I recommend this as a kitchen sink, maybe not. If your kitchen sink is a slop sink for almost anything, like mine, the cheaper version is not the way to go. I will have to replace mine eventually as I can tell it's already wearing down. I would recommend going for a high quality copper like the two shown above for a heavily used sink. If you are unsure if the look of copper is for you the lower grade is a nice option to "try it on" but buyer beware. Another great option is to incorporate in spaces that aren't as heavily used like a bar sink or half bathroom.

Overall I say LOVE'EM! Aside from all the perks copper has to offer I am a big fan of the impact it can add to the value of your home. Like anything, do your homework, consider your lifestyle and let your budget be your guide.

Cliff notes about Copper:
Antimicrobial - Who wouldn't want a surface that fights off bacteria?! Superhero sink helping me clean up food goo! Yes Please!
Cleaning - Soap and water! No need for harsh chemicals, bonus of being a super hero.
Lifespan - Lifetime warranty, only on high quality copper. Worth asking about, also helps weed out the imposters.

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