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How To: Rustic Farmhouse Tablescape

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian's! I was hesitant to post this as typically this wouldn't be considered my everyday style, but it is 100% me.

For the first few years of my life my Grandparents played a large hand in helping raise me. My mama was a single parent till about age 5 so I feel blessed to have as many memories as I do with them. Moving forward they were pretty heavily intertwined in my upbringing, I was Grandpa's girl. Everything from teaching me to golf, painting, or just showing me what a denture-less smile looks like. It's pretty safe to say he helped nurture my tomboy ways, so quality time with Grandma was minimal. It wasn't till after kiddos that I finally started to understand that kooky ol gal, and feel wildly connected to her. The love I have for them is endless so displaying her collection of plates is an honour in my eyes and I love how connected they make me feel to her.

Friendly Village - School House

Here lies the challenge, trying to blend both traditional and rustic to make her proud and make me not want to gag. Slightly harsh, but you know the feeling. Being such a busy plate I wanted to add simple elements that felt warm and natural to mimic the feel of "The Friendly Village". In the past I have just paired solid charcoal pieces and cream linens to keep things muted and a bit cleaner looking. Another route to go if you too are trying to blend the old and the new. This year I felt the need to step it up a notch.

Aged Strainer

I love metals, natural elements, and linen so these will be my guidelines for selecting accessories. No surprise. Thankfully we have a great local boutique that carries amazing greenery, decor, and linen!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! As the base I used an aged strainer wall hanging, really anything works don't get hung up on the specifics. If I hadn't found this, a branch wreath would have been my go to.

** Spoiler: there's a good chance you will see this around Christmas**.

Pearl Succulents

Next, lets get this base dressed to impress! I stepped outside my comfort zone and decided to pull in burgundy to accent the schoolhouse. Who am I?? A large strand of pearl succulent, ok maybe didn't step too far outside the box but baby steps, was a fitting tone as it was a muted shade and wouldn't compete. This succulent is quite large, but no worries just wrap that baby around the base like the Kraken a boat. Tablescapes can seem like a massive amount of work but the beauty is in the imperfections, the randomness, and to be fair there is a good chance there will be little hands rearranging before you are done so roll with it!

Since a forest theme is prevalent why not add a sprig of acorns, pine cones, birds nests, etc. Give yourself a few ground rules, and run with it. Recap: mine were metals, natural elements, and linen.

Now we have the materials, lets talk placing. Grab a glass of wine (or water) and let the greens guide you. They all have some sort of natural bend, kink or direction they are following so to save yourself the time and headache, place them where they naturally want to lie.

After the big elements have been placed, I like to add my filler. Moss, pine cones, or whatever you have to fill in the gaps or just to add another bit of interest (or maybe to hide the tangled Kraken mess of succulents). Next, I like to start placing glasses, and utensils. Since we are stepping outside of tradition anyways, place these things wherever seems natural to you, no rules.

I went with copper mugs to add a hearty, masculine feel as the plates themselves are a bit feminine. Also adds to the primitive feel the strainer brings. Maybe you just like it, and want to add a copper mug, THAT IS OK just go back to the initial ground rules to keep things cohesive!

Adding little touches like these napkin rings, which are old spoons, adds charm and personality.

And just like that we have a quick, easy, rustic farmhouse tablescape that both Granny would be proud of, and I can stomach! High Five!

When blending styles you are stepping outside the box so there are "no rules", there are only guidelines to keep the overall feel genuine to you and the look cohesive.

  • Decide the feel you are going for (Rustic)

  • Pick a few elements you love that compliment that and that represent you (Metal, natural elements, linen)

  • Shop (Daines and Daubney)

  • Let the greenery do the work

Have fun with it, don't stress and if it isn't perfect (which I think makes it beautiful) you always have little helper hands to blame it on!




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