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Here We Go! What to expect?

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

I started Lovingly Gray Design in 2016 as a fun way to showcase design projects I had on the go and to satisfy my urge to do something creative. OH dreams! Truly my love for interiors started somewhere between the love affair with barbies and boys.

I remember spending days clipping out items from outdated Sears catalogues and making design boards, feeling like a savvy shopper as the budgets I set were hit to the tee. That evolved into Crayola pencil crayon renderings on grid paper and countless nights rearranging rooms to fit my vision. My poor mother would come home to a house turned upside down. Have you ever done that? Spent a whole night just jamming to tunes, could have been N'Sync on a discman, and just kept changing things around till you passed out?!? Just me huh.

Somewhere along the way I feel like I lost a bit of my nerdy soul. Life threw a few wicked curve balls our way over the last four years, I'm not shy if you are curious ask, and I feel blessed for every one of them. They have helped me reconnect with that design hungry pre teen and figure out how I could let my inner creative shine.

Lovingly Gray Design was going to be strictly about that, design. Pretty things and some DIY. While that is still true I am more than just a design enthusiast, I am a mama, and a farm wife! That means mother nature is my inspiration for every color pallet. Dirt is a colour I can't ignore and durability is #1 when looking at pieces. I can't hide this, my life is seldom insta pretty.

Back to my roots of design boards and deal hunting. That I can make internet pretty. That's what I want to share, pieces that can handle life and still satisfy my design needs. Pieces that will work as hard for you as you do for them. Wowzers feeling my age is showing in that statement. Because at then end of the day memories over maintenance.

I have post ideas for days! But I want to hear from you, love to have content driven by what you are looking for.

My nerdy-ness is showing

"This is my adult version of catalogue clippings and monopoly money shopping.

Sears may have retired the catalogues but not me!

I am still that nerdy bird spending hours looking for deals or browsing through pages to find a piece that I know must be out there. "

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