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Updated: Oct 11, 2018

Crisp air, crunchy leaves and frosty morning.... aside from all the memories I'm flooded with, visually this season is my favorite. Visually all the rich tones have the creative wheels turning, I swear hubby is terrified when I see a pile of leaves.

Modern Farmhouse Foyer
Modern Farmhouse Foyer

Thankful the warmth doesn't stop at my front door, cannot be more thrilled with the texture and depth these floors bring. It is an engineered hardwood with just enough distressing to help hide all the dents and dings life brings. One amazing bonus is they have lifetime warranty on the off chance things get crazy.

Since horizontal railings are taboo in Canada, I chose glass to keep our front entrance feeling open. I went with walnut as a railing choice knowing full well I would have to mute the pink undertone. Love warm, hate pink! I was able to DIY a "stain" to match the floors and kill the pesky pink. Check back, I will add my "stain" mixture in the next few weeks!

The original plans had the fireplace in the living room but ultimately it landed here. We have a pretty view of the valley and large windows to really draw your eye outside and I wanted to spread the drama around a bit. This piece can be seen from my bedroom, back entry, front entry and is a back drop in the living room. At the time we built we were a bit pre trend, for our location anyways, with the industrial rustic vibe so finding a surround was difficult. I was craving cement but happily settled for tile, having a multi toned tile has left options wide open for paint choices in the near future.

Lighting! While this basket pendant doesn't offer the brightest lighting it adds so much ambience. The cage creates stunning texture on the walls and really adds a lot of character to the space. I off set the lack of light it casts by a large amount of pot lights, the number is aggressive.

If I missed anything, or you have questions, message away!

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