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Free Festive Gift Tag Printable

Holy tinsel, It's December and a freebie seemed like the festive thing to do! What better way to spread Christmas cheer than with a non-traditional gift tag. I am notorious for thinking I have everything I need and realize last minute I'm no where near as prepared as I thought. I would bet the farm I'm not the only one cringing at the thought of having to brave the angry holiday mobs over something as small as gift tags! Have no fear Cassie's printable is here!

The little dream boats styled and ready for the photoshoot!

One thing I keep consistent every year is my wrapping paper, cue the Von Trapp's and the lovely Julie Andrews "Brown paper packages tied up with stringgggg.... these area few of my favorite things!" While some may feel like this isn't the most festive way to go, I think its a classic yet rustic touch, the ideal basic, that can be dressed up or stand alone. Designing these tags I thought of those who may relate more to Captain Von Trapp and made them fairly universal (He comes around maybe there is hope for them too, jk)! As you may have guessed I DO NOT have a closet full of pretty papers and ribbons, I rely heavily on the post office carrying the supplies I need! So I stuck with showing you how I would style the tags.

In a pinch I "borrow" items from my Christmas Tree! Hubby then can't say anything when I need to grab new decorations... I used them!

"Brown paper packages tied up with STRINGGGG.... These are a few of my favorite Things!"

Do you have that special someone who is kinda Grinchy about Christmas? Or someone who likes a chuckle, but has an off beat sense of "HA HA"? Hands up! I could also be thinking about myself on the latter part of that statement! I thought of them also! The love of Christmas Vacation came into play as it is a Holiday staple around here and well... it just hits close to home. I totally feel like I was Audrey growing up (attitude for days) and now I feel I channel Ellen more than I like to admit. We all have an Eddie, and even though you don't admit it out loud, or maybe you do (Meee!) you get it when Ellen say's "It's Christmas and we're all in misery"! I kept them slightly more mainstream but that doesn't mean you won't see some of the others down the road.

Ohhh I can just picture Clark!!

I like to forage for different bit to put on top! keep scissors close by if you opt for the string... people get so frustrated when they can't get into their gift!

Because no Christmas is complete without a little bit of "Eddie"!

Let's wrap this up shall we.... supplies needed:

- Cardstock - White (It's how I designed it)

- Printer

- Desire to save a time and money

- Christmas Vacation playing in the background

- Favorite Holiday bevy

Last and final step, click this link:

Fill in the details and watch your inbox!

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If you do use the above and post it make sure to tag me! Sharing is caring after all and well I love to see what you crafty people come up with! @lovinglygraydesign #lovinglygraydesign and please give me a #Eddie if you totally know what I'm talking about!

"Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say!

Happy Wrapping!

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