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Create a Rustic Modern Christmas | Inspo From Restoration Hardware Holiday Sale

It's not even Halloween yet but Christmas is flooding my brain and well Restoration Hardware is having a Holiday Sale so seemed like a good time to spread some inspo, 'tis the season after all. Seriously I have an obsession with "tis" this time of year, I see a flake of snow and it's game on!

Restoration Hardware Holiday Cover. Brass Bells. Wreath.
Holiday Sale 2018!

To be fair it isn't a hard thing to create something beautiful when your dealing with RH, they could sneeze and it would be a masterpiece, what is hard is justifying the price most of the time. I hear Restoration Hardware and immediately verses from "If I had a million dollars" start playing in my head, or I imagine telling my boys there is no Christmas this year 'cause mama went to RH. Thankfully it's sale season and I can shop for a few winter decor staples, if I buy here I make sure it can be seen for more than a month, and create a rustic modern scheme that doesn't turn me into the Grinch!


Antler Love: Any chance I can incorporate upscale antlers I take it, mainly because I look at them like a basic, on their own they are fine but add a few accessories like greens and lights and instantly you have added warmth and femininity to a fairly hard, masculine element. No matter what it becomes a conversation starter.

Juniper Gem & Driftwood Delight: Going back to my winter decor thoughts, these sweet pieces transition nicely from Winter decor to Christmas decor.

Fresh Fur: Honorable mention goes to the dreamy number on the end, sadly this is a fresh wreath and the DIY-er in me screams to try it myself.

**SPOILER: Could see a few of these items done in DIY in the next few weeks**


The only thing getting lit around here are my trees... AH how could I not.

Sn-OW-e Willow: Even at sale price these guys are a splurge (ow-e), but man they are pretty!

Baby Birch: I have a collection of these guys, I have always bought them on sale and truly they stay out a good 5 months of the year (that's a minimum of how long there is snow here so... 'tis the season for lit trees). My boys haven't been kind to them, they are used as swords and Dekker has tried to climb them and they still look like the day I purchased. The lights themselves are still burning bright, and thats close to 5 years worth of being left on because why would you use the timer feature? Or at least that's what my boys think.

Mossy Birch Bowl: I know what you are thinking, and I've been thinking the same... DIY-not? I priced it out last year and honestly the kicker is authenticity of the branches and the glass thickness on the hurricane. Truly it can be done but comes down to the look you will be happy with. Our house needs the weight of this glass hurricane (or one similar) or else I would see it shattered within minutes, and for the sale price I might just give up the DIY dream... I will keep you posted.


Chunky Knit: I am a sucker for chunky knits! Ok lets talk size...60"x120", that is a great size for the price. My brood would have it destroyed so I will admire this one from afar.

Ultra Lux Faux Fur & Tibetan Fur: If your looking for me I will be curled up under the tree! Aside from the fact these are ridiculously soft, and gorgeous, its like a fresh blanket of snow under the tree!


Driftwood Trees: Interchangable basics! I understand this may not look like much but picture this, paired with a zinc reindeer figurine, placed on a lit snow blanket. If you still need some convincing add in jolly old St. Nick and "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" should start playing in your head.

Brassy Bells: A staple in my house, even if it's a dollar store number hidden somewhere on my tree, are bells and yes I ring them so Clarance or some other coming up angel gets their wings. Versatility is what I see with these, they can stand alone, be added into other decor, and work with many different holiday styles if you decide rustic moderns is not your thing.

Potted Juniper: Greens, greens, greens! Dress them up, leave them bare, either way these beauties belong in any rustic modern holiday decor.

Its pretty clear I like the idea of a fairly neutral base of natural elements, they can be dressed up for the season and dressed down to last longer than a month. This type of atmosphere helps me stay in a hygge mindset throughout the busyness of the season. Stay tuned for some Restoration inspired DIY/ Alternatives that help keep you from feeling drained this holiday season.

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